High Performing Teams

The Key to Success

We often hear this expression used in relation to our teams, but how do we know if the teams we lead or are members of, are truly high performing?  A useful starting point is to consider what the characteristics of high performing teams actually are.  Make your review of these characteristics much more interesting by scoring your team out of 10 and working out what you need to do to achieve a higher score.

  1. Everybody understands what the end goal is and is working towards it at all times
  2. Trust in each other and in the team’s purpose is clearly understood
  3. Everyone knows the performance standard required of each other and the team
  4. Tension is managed and understood as a necessary feature of the team
  5. Discussion is enabled and everyone gets the chance to contribute
  6. Every team member can constructively challenge and is willing to be constructively challenged
  7. Decisions are always made with the team’s goals foremost and are then widely communicated
  8. Everyone knows the plan, knows how to work together and knows how to get things done
  9. Everyone feels personally responsible for their performance and their contribution to the team
  10. Everyone knows their role and that no individual is more important than the team

Knowledge and skills are important but a high performing team will also exhibit the behaviours necessary for the team’s success.  Behaviours such as trust, personal responsibility, consistency and team-orientation are embedded in these characteristics and will underpin the success of every high performing team.  How do your team measure up to these characteristics and more importantly, what can your team do to become truly high performing?

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