Export Development

Significant sales growth for most companies can only realistically come by identifying, targeting and exploiting business opportunities in overseas markets. Because many of our senior staff have actually worked in senior export management positions in industry, Full Circle has real expertise in this field.

We are therefore in a position to provide practical assistance to clients in areas such as:

  • Assessing their readiness to export.
  • Selecting the most appropriate export market[s].
  • Conducting research to build up a clear picture of the export market in question.
  • Selecting the most effective route to market.
  • Preparing to meet with prospective customers, distributors or agents during an export market visit.
  • Maintaining the momentum of an export development strategy.

Through the traditional focus that Full Circle has had on export development, we have built a network of international associates in mainland Europe, India, Sri Lanka, China and North America. Our aim in establishing this network has been to ensure that we can provide "on the ground" support to export-focused clients.