Go Mobile or Go Home

Responsive web design is a fairly recent design concept which involves creating websites with an optimal viewing and interaction experience across devices of all screen sizes – a flexible user experience which shrinks or grows depending on the user’s device size. 

So what’s the big deal about responsive design?!

  1.  Google recommends responsive web design. 

Earlier this year, Google launched a new algorithm – which the digital industry branded ‘Mobilegeddon’. It means they are now favouring mobile friendly websites in rankings for searches on smartphones. If your potential clients are googling on the go, Google are likely to rank mobile responsive websites above those which are not easy for users to navigate around or read on smartphone devices. Does this mean your potential clients will be seeing your competitors websites above yours? – Find out now using Google’s mobile friendly test.

A good way to make it [a site] work in both worlds [mobile & desktop] would be to have a site that uses responsive web-design techniques to adjust to the size of the user’s device/settings.

Source: Google’s John Mueller



2. 63% of Northern Ireland adults are using smartphones

Ofcom’s most recent report highlighted substantial growth in the both the procession and usage of smartphone devices amongst NI adults.

They’re now in the pockets of nearly two thirds (63%) of Northern Ireland adults, up from 21% in 2011.

Source: Ofcom 2015

Smartphones have also overtaken the laptop as the preferred way for internet users to stay connected in Northern Ireland – these latest stats really highlight the need for local business owners in NI to go mobile or go home.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it is unlikely your potential clients will hang around for long on your website. Users will become impatient zooming in and out and probably bounce straight off, either to a competitor’s website or forget about the idea altogether…

40% have turned to a competitor after a bad mobile experience – I don’t know about you.. but I spent far too much money, time and energy getting traffic to my website to risk them bouncing off!

But you don’t need statistics to know that mobile usage is exploding! Just look around and see how often people are staring at the small screen in their hand  –Mobile is already all around us.

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